On track for military service buyback

The last chunk of my military service credit purchase will be complete on Aug 31, 2017.  In broad terms I purchased 1 year of military service credit in 2016 and will be purchasing the other three years in 2017.

The amount due is $10,139.78.  I am funding this with pre-tax dollars at $1,200/month and rolling over $1,770 from an old 457.  This puts me about $500 ahead of the target on Aug 1, plenty of time to make the Aug 31st cutoff.  It also gets me to retirement two years earlier than I would otherwise.

After that is taken care of there are more opportunities to purchase service credit and moving that retirement date forward.  Because extra service credit

  1. purchase the first 4 months of employment before we were eligible to contribute.  This moves retirement 2 months closer.

  2. purchase up to three years Additional Service Credit (flat out buy it) at a much higher rate than the others.  This is 1.5 years closer.

That puts my new estimated retirement date as May 15th, 2025.