RV Talk Radio podcast v. minimalists

Rob is a fellow of strong opinions and he doesn’t mind putting other RVers down.  One of his favorite topics is defining who real RVers are and what the real RV lifestyle is like.  Conveniently and (I’m sure) completely coincidentally Real RVers are boomers like him,  who anchor giant RVs in RV parks.  Real RVers are definitely not millenials or RV minimalists.

Low-lights from show 69:

Minimalists "don't have a pot to piss in.  Sorry, but it's true." "I only see it for those who are trying to justify their stealth, boon[docking] camping lifestyle, and trying to get out of being in the normal day-to-day lifestyle of most Americans." "It's a handful of people." I'm certainly not going to urge people to give up all your stuff and live small and only have 5 shirts that you can rotate every week." "We didn't grow old not to have the things we want.  This is America.  Now if it was living someplace else..." "You've got to have something you're responsible for goodness sakes.  Maybe that's what the minimalists want to avoid, is responsibility."

And it’s not the first time the culture warrior came out.