Finding the cheapest price at amazon

I buy most of my mail order stuff from Amazon for a few different reasons.

I have noticed that the price presented on an item may not be the actual lowest price due to tax, shipping, or other issues.

Consider the example of my last purchase, a 128GB metal usb flash drive I will be using for backups.   Here is the page as presented.  I’ve added some artistic touches to illustrate my point:


See the section on the right edge that says “Other Sellers on Amazon”?  If that is there you can sniff around for other deals.  At the bottom of that section it says something like “{QUANTITY} new and/or used from {PRICE}”.  Click that.

The resulting page looks like this.  It is sorted by price+shipping by default although you can change it to price+shipping+tax.  Even then the cheapest deal doesn’t neccesarily float to the top:


The first one listed is $30.35 and the second is $29.95.  I picked the second one even though the difference was only $0.40.  On bigger items the price difference can be several dollars.