sent off the DD214

Emailed off my DD214 to get a quote for buying back my 3yrs, 9mos of army service. I was exited 3mos earlier than my 4yr enlistment as a cost reduction.

The rollover date for the 10% annual penalty is Sept 1;  no way I will be able to buy it all this year.  But I should be able to do it all next year.  Assuming they don’t come back with a $20k estimate.

I am hoping it’s in the $10k range.

The [extremely competent] phone rep also said I can buy it back in chunks.  If so I may roll about $1200 of TexSaver (minus 30% tax withholding?) into buyback this year.  That would allow me to avoid a bit of the 10% penalty.  The return on that TexSaver is terrible now, nowhere near 10% so I’d rather put it to good use.