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Visible at one month

I didn’t realize it’d been a month but I just got my renewal invoice from Visible. It was for $25, which was what I expected with party pay.

Data speeds are in line with other MVNOs – fast when not congested and quite slow when postpaid (premium) customers are hogging it.1

I have been averaging 1.23GB/day, which is substantially more than I used when I had a set amount of bandwidth.

party pay going away?

There are reports from reliable sources that legacy Visible customers will be forced to change plans (and SIM) in early 2023. Party Pay goes away and lowest tier moves to $30.

Visible at $30 is still a good deal, given the ~unlimited data. I do have my US Mobile account in stasis in case I need to return to it.

mushroom party in the forest

side view banana for scale lobster brittlegill PICDESCRIPTION PICDESCRIPTION PICDESCRIPTION

The constant rain has made the Cococino NF a fungi wonderland. Some are quite large. There are mushroom pickers wandering around but so far my aversion to humans is overpowering my curiosity about what they are picking.

I tried to use a flora/fauna identification app but results are variable. One of them identified Muffin’s photobombing as both bat and dromedary camel. So close.

cooking experiments

precooking hamburger patties

The idea here was to save propane, minimize outdoor cooking time (rain is sudden in moonsoon season), and get good safe food temps.

It worked out pretty well. In this pic I’d just flipped them and applied some smoked gouda. Details here.

baked peaches

No pics, sorry, but these were lovely to look at and to eat. Highly recommended if you find a sale on peaches.

details here


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  1. most notably around dinner time when people start streaming Netflix