daily cardio, triops vs. mosquitos

old concrete foundations

Muffin and I took a walk down FR171, east along 9229R and back north toward the gas pipeline right-of-way.

There were some old (30s or 40s?) concrete foundations.


foundations 1A and 1B

1A 1 1A 2 1B 1 1B 2 1B 3

Some kind of radio or navigation aid foundation? The exposed rebar is 1” and there are some metal pipes with wires visible in them.

foundation 2

2 1

Looking east.

  • Near foundation is a shack-like size with an apparent step/porch on the south side.
  • Far foundation is seven-sided.


On the way back the mosquitos were bad enough that I swore to put up my magnetic screen door on the side and some netting on the back.

They are both a bit of a PITA and both functional. Skeeter populations in the van are greatly reduced.


first look overhead side three amigos

Also on the way back I noticed significant movement in a tire rut with standing water. The amount of disturbance was more minnow-like than what one would see from an insect. I scooped my hand in and found triops (tadpole shrimp). They are sold as pets like sea monkeys (brine shrimp) but are much larger and interesting. I had some triops on my work desk in the 90s and they were a big hit in the office.

They do eat mosquito larva so I am officially Team Triops.

I scooped some out later and put them in a mason jar of filtered rainwater. I put a couple flakes of fish food in there for them to nibble on.1 Not sure if they will do well but their muddy water was drying up quickly anyway. I don’t think they were going to have enough water to live the full 90d span.

A short video of them in the jar.


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  1. I bought the flakes as a base for making fly trap bait. Haven’t tested that yet.