relo to kaibob, wildfire, staying positive

relo while feeling icky

pollen covid test

The new site is in the Kaibob not so far away.1 Still upwind from the fire in Flagstaff so with any luck no evac will be required.

I was feeling a bit rough the past two days before the relo, sapped with some runny nose and slight headache.. I thought it could be the massive pollen dump (see above), heat, dehydration, etc. Turns out I have Covid (see pic). The test says it takes 15-30mins and results can be faint, but this was was quite clear in just a couple mins. “Dude, you have every Covid.”

the little router that could

I have zero bars of TMO at the new location but the LTE router grabs enough signal to pull down email and do light reading:

router FTW

Note 0 bars on the phone but pulling down data at 131KB/s. Not gonna stream Netflix anytime soon but should be able to follow wildfire news.

cold coffee

Because of rising temps I’ve started my summer coffee habit: making cold-brew in the fridge.

2.5c water
39g coffee (three heaped scoops)

store in fridge overnight


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  1. Hey, I didn’t write the rules, the USFS did.