experiment: Dash Mini Maker grill

dash mini maker grill cooked sliced

I recently heard about the Dash mini appliances on this episode of the Van Life Pantry podcast.

I picked up one of the sandwich presses, like a pint-sized foreman grill. Of course it was completely overcast the day it arrived so I had to wait to play with it. Pick your solar battles! :-)

Today it was sunny enough so I cleaned off any manufacturing residue and took it for a spin. I knew it took a couple minutes to preheat^[bluelight] so I plugged it in while I found the bread and sliced cheese for a grilled cheese sammich.

The grill is label-rated 350w but only pulled 263w according to the kill-a-watt. Easy peasy. After about 120 seconds the light went off and the thermostat clicked off audibly.

I popped in the bread and cheese and smashed it down. Maybe you aren’t supposed to do that, but I was looking for a latch mechanism th wasn’t there. I let it ride for 180 seconds, during which time the grill cycled on 2.5x. I’d guess it was running 50% of the time.
Resulting sandwich made a nice snack. Might go 4 mins next time, and put a bit of butter on the bread for richness.

Cleanup of the non-removable teflon plates was just a wipe with a paper towel. I’m thinking spam slices would grill nicely in here, or very thin chops or something.

There is a slightly larger, square version that might work better. But it costs twice as much.


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