planning relocation / bucket list check-off

Today I’ve been starting to think about the next relocation. I’ll be headed toward Yuma, both stealthing and boondocking. I have a package coming into an Amazon locker on the 4th, and will do a walmart-style provisioning. There is supposed to be good OTA signal in Yuma so the Pi DVR will slurp some of that up.

It’s only about 30mi to Q so I’ll likely head back to Q early Wednesday morning for discount groceries, water, garbage dump, shower, and the library for some wifi. I’ll also order a pizza from Silly Al’s, since everyone has told me I need to do that. Then down toward Yuma in the afternoon.

I had about 9 gallons left in the fresh tank, and decanted the 7gal aquatainer into it. I wouldn’t have run out but this allows me to rotate the water storage.

bucket list - bighorn sheep

I have to give Muffin credit for this one; she saw the sheep before I did. We were walking to the north of the campsite when she stopped and stared at the hillside near the center of this picture:

At first I thought it was a person in drab clothing walking a tan dog (didn’t have my glasses on) then realized it was two bighorns following the trails I’d mentioned before. By the time I took this pic they were about halfway up the hillside left/north side and heading east, but where still plainly visible. One doe and one ram with the distinctive horns. Then I saw about 1/3rd from the top another one standing still; I couldn’t see any horns on that one. They went around the hills and that was that. Time to update the bucket list.

Maybe I’ll start looking with binos tomorrow around 5pm to see if they do it on a schedule.