second stimulus and closed bank accounts

One of the reasons I held onto the Chase checking account as long as I did was to make deposit of any second stimulus easier. Judging that possibility to be nil, I closed the account and opened the (excellent) Ally online-only account. Of course then the 2nd stimulus drops. Kinda like rain after washing your car.

My budget is on track and I am not desperate to get my hands on the money immediately. My main concern was that if direct deposit fails a physical check is mailed. But where would it be mailed? Hopefully it will go to my mailing address rather than my legal residence. Getting stuff from the forwarder is surprisingly expensive but I might have some other stuff forwarded at that time (upcoming post).

I tried to log in with my residence info in the IRS Get My Payment tool. This failure was good news. I used my mailing address and got in. I could see the first successful deposit and the scheduling of the second to hit the closed account.

This will work out in the short run because it appears a physical check will be mailed to my forwarder. It will work out in the medium run because when I do 2020 taxes I’ll use my Ally account for the direct deposit. That should be a full refund as my mental calculation shows me to be under the $12.2k effective limit.