Red Pocket mobile asks for feedback

Red Pocket (MVNO mobile carrier) sent an email asking for feedback after the 1st month of service.

cut / paste of my response

I hope a human reads this.

  1. RP took my mailing address during signup then shipped to my residence address where I do not receive mail. If you aren’t going to ship to a mailing address then why ask for it?
  2. when reshipping the SIM to my actual mailing address RP shipped the wrong SIM (gsmT rather than gsmA I asked for). Even though T is MUCH less useful to me as a traveler I activated gsmT to avoid further hassle.
  3. RP let my Broadband Benefit account expire after 30 days instead of auto-renewing. Luckily I had access to wifi and could get chat support (who did a good job, btw).

Get it together. Right now I don’t think I can in good conscience recommend RP to others.

show and tell

This pic shows both the unwanted gsmt and the dead account when it didn’t renew:

RP fsckup

I think the company shows promise (particularly for cost-sensitive customers) but IMO they have many bugs to work out of the automation.

but wait, there’s more!

[added July 21]

RP just emailed and said “refer folks and get a break on your bill”:

refer 'em

I have no bill and don’t intend to recommend anyone to RP but I’m a curious type of guy. Their automation screwed the pooch again:


They know who their EBB customers are, so why email them?

Get. It. Together.

and yet more!

[added Aug 21]

Monthly renewal failed again (“airtime expired”), requiring tech support to get it turned back on. I guess this will be a monthly thing.

It’s too bad. RP has a feature I’d like to leverage. They allow multiline discounts on different carriers. With the discount I could get 10GB of Verizon with 10GB AT&T backup for $50/mo. But I don’t trust them enough to pull the trigger.

[added Sept 12]

Monthly renewal failed yet again.

[added October 12 2021]

Monthly renewal failed yet again.

[added November 11 2021]

Do I even have to say it?


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