daily cardio geocache and turkey meat loaf

I’m running on limited power but it looked like I might be able to run the crockpot on LO (75w). I broke out a pound tube of Jennie-O ground turkey and started a meatloaf. Takes about 5hrs.

Locked Gate Cache (GC28568)

Having the crock on autopilot leaves time for other activities. Muffin and I walked up the hill to find a geocache.

We found it fairly quickly. This particular one was in a “bison tube”, a repurposed keyring pill case. These are often difficult to find due to their small size, and because they are often spraypainted with a flat paint to match local conditions.

After the find we walked to the nearby NF signage:

uncompaghre nf

For the curious, the locals say “un-com-PAH-gray”.

meatloaf dinner

The turkey meatloaf turned out good. Good flavor, although the texture is not quite as satisfying as beef. When they cost the same I’ll use beef, and when there’s a big price difference I’ll use turkey.

turkey meatloaf

update: wildfire

On the way back from the geocache yesterday I thought I could see a small plume from a wildfire. It’s the small triagular darker shape in the center of this pic:

small wildfire

Today when I checked the wildfire map it was listed:

Type: WF - Wildfire 
Area Acres Burned: 1
Percent Contained: Not Available
Discovered: 7/2/2021, 2:22 PM


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