Daily cardio: longer walk along Shea Rd

Most of this hike was in deep, tiring gravel. Muffin has lost a bit of the bounce in her step at this point:


It did yield some interesting geology in the cliffs to the south:



I picked up about 2lb of ammo brass where those pics were taken, including some .500 S&W magnum:


I was surprised someone would leave that brass around; ammo can’t be cheap and I would have thought people would be reloading it. I think the biggest rifle casings I’ve found so far were 7mm Remington mag. I really need to read up on where to recycle this stuff for a few bucks. At this juncture I have more time than money so picking up brass may be worthwhile for economic reasons in addition to the litter control ones.

I was in the area for a while and a baja-style team racer appeared to be doing a shakedown run. Very smooth driving and throttle even though he was moving at least 60mph across the deep gravel. You could tell from the sound of it there was a lot of money involved. I noticed on the way in that the approach is named after an offroad racer (can’t remember the name, sorry).

About halfway back I could just make out the van in the distance. I swear it’s in this pic (a few pixels), above center against the low dark hills.