logistics: planning next camping spot

Starting to think about the next move from Craggy Wash BLM outside Lake Havasu City to the next spot. I can’t return to Quartzsite until Jan 4th so I’ll need to make at least one more chess move between now and then. The new site must be 25mi away. Possibilities:

  • Parker, the town between LHC and Quartzsite. Sites south of Parker appear to be >25mi from here.
  • Kofa wildlife refuge, south of Q
  • somewhere north of LHC (Dead Mtns wilderness are?)
  • etc

I like the idea of Parker since it puts me closer to Q rather than farther away.

Amazon pickup

I tried to time my next Amazon locker pickup in LHC to the move, but I was concerned about the effect of holiday rush on shipping. So I pulled the trigger and the package came in this morning. I didn’t really mind the drive in since the skies were heavily overcast and driving allowed me to pump some amps into the battery bank.

While I was in town I mailed christmas cards and restocked at wally world. Again, if I did that on the next move it would be just before Christmas, and that’s the second worst time to be at a walmart.

I picked up the package at the locker and headed back to camp.