chilly and sunny

It was 34F inside the van this morning and there was ice on the outside of the windshield. Nice and toasty under the covers with Muffin but a coffee-deprived brain and a full bladder require one to get out of the bunk.

I am always surprised at how bearable low temps are inside the van where there is no wind. I made coffee standing in flipflops and a tshirt; it was chilly and I put on more clothes after the kettle was on but I wasn’t suffering while underdressed.

The sun was absolutely BLASTING as it came over the mountains to the east. Woot! 117w of solar harvest before 8am, and 163w a half hour later. The batteries will be much happier today.

I notice the mountains to the NE are still dusted with snow from recent light precip. Here’s a pic from yesterday when it was still overcast (boo!):

One last datapoint before I hit “publish”: right now at 8:43am local the solar is pulling in 185.04w. Today will be a good day.