daily cardio: can we see Reno proper?

The parts of Reno I can see from here are plain industrial and residential. I’ve been wondering if I could see the downtown/casino district from the next hill over. Rather than consult Google Maps I used it as an excuse to hike a bit.

Our target is the saddle in the middle of this pic:


the bear went over…

It’s not that far over there but there is no direct path. We had to go about halfway down the highway and across a passable part of a ravine to get to the two-track trails I could see from the campsite. Took about an hour of strenuous hiking to get up there and Muffin and I were breathing pretty hard. We didn’t stop to rest, mainly because there was no shade – it’s more of that odd USFS land with no trees on it.

Turns out downtown was not visible from the saddle, and I didn’t have enough oomph to take the next hill.


no neon for you

Muffin looks tired and concerned in this shot taken there:


Looking back at the highest peak:


The van is visible in this shot:


There’s a Class C about 100yds to the left and slightly off the crest from the van; it’s beige-colored and blends in

By the time we made it back we were both ready for the hike to be over. In the last half hour I noticed I was getting sunburned on my arms – things you forget to prepare for when camping in Oregonian gloom all summer. I suspect spending the last couple of months at sea level also made steep hiking at 5,800’ this week more challenging.