misc. pictures

grab bag of pics that didn’t fit elsewhere:

The original lighthouse, decomissioned in the late 1800s because the one I showed earlier (in the smoke haze) was brighter.   I didn’t realize that some lighthouses were literally designed to look like houses:

Apparently this one was made so the keeper would have his whole family on site.

Evidence that the other lighthouse is indeed functional:

A house along the bay.  I love the stucco, the color, the back porch, all of it really:

I’m in no danger of moving back into a house, but oh my…

The sign says the lions this time of year are males and that the females are in California.  But I think the one in the center yawning at the sky is female;  she is about half the size and has a slender head:

Sometimes you can see the sun through the fog:

Other times the fog wins:

Entrance to a local brewpub:

There is nothing behind the fence;  just fog.  Behind the door is a steep stairway going down into the pub down the hill.  This almost feels like a speakeasy scenario.  I also wonder how many drunks have fallen down the brutally steep steps.

Arcane graffiti from the bathroom in that pub:

Vandalism here is hard to distinguish from art.  Defacement of walls with spray paint is done two-tone stencils of squid, crabs, etc.  It’s endearing.

Retro chee-to packaging at the local grocery:

And “chirps” which are chips made with crickets.  The package says “average of one cricket per chip”:

Yes, I ate them.  No, I didn’t notice anything unusual except for the darker bits on the chips chirps.  Might be a cheap way to increase protein in snacks.

Bonus pic of Muffin looking at the surf, obscured by fog: