Instabridge soft-bricked my phone

I typically use Wifi Map to log and find passwords for publicly-available wifi (as one would find in restaurants).  I’d recently installed segment leader Instabridge to see how it compared.

I didn’t like Instabridge’s intrusive ads and notifications, but the final straw occurred when I tried to use it to connect to a local wifi WAP.  I typically don’t do that, preferring to have control over what my phone connects to.  But I pressed OK and  the phone (an old Blu R1) immediately rebooted and wouldn’t come out of the boot loop.  Yay, soft brick.

I forced a reboot into recovery and wiped caches.  No change.  Finally I dropped back into recovery and completely wiped the phone.  I didn’t want to do that as it’s a PITA to set up the phone again, and takes a lot of data I don’t have.

Muffin and I walked to the Seaside convention center that had open wifi, and I set up the phone again.  Grrr.   I did not reinstall Instabridge.