Relo: near Susanville, OR

Up at just under 7,000’ it’s  20deg F cooler than in La Grande where I reprovisioned.  It rained off/on lightly, good for settling dust.   The same smelly little plants are here although they smell a little different, less creosote.  There is 4G in areas, but does not coincide with camping spots.  I have pretty solid 3G here;  good enough to get text out.

There are a couple firepits in here.  They are quite large, with interior diameters of about 5’:

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”2560”] Bonus dog hiding behind shrub[/caption]

The other one is about 50yds away.  There’s what appears to be a little firewood rack, and a rock on a stump:

Beyond that fire ring is another rock-on-stump, and a crossbar branch someone has lashed up for some reason.  Seems too close to the fire for processesing game.  Dunno:

We are at the top of this mountain.  There is a rectangular white stucture on the highest point of the next hill in the distance:

I will likely be here for 10 days;  I have to go back through Baker City to pick up a package that was delayed. :-(

I was thinking about Portland, but this errant package brushes me away from that plate.