Silver linings, Covid-19 edition

I was thinking about some possible positive outcomes of the pandemic.  The effects may live on in our culture the way effects persisted in the culture of people who lived through the Great Depression.

  1. more attention paid to emergency preparedness (prepare == actions taken beforehand)

  2. people and companies learn how telecommuting works for them.  Some will opt out, some will push for telecommuting after the restrictions are lifted.  I think there will be a net increase in telecommuting after the dust settles.

  3. more scratch cooking and less processed foods.  The selling out of yeast and flour suggests people are interested init.

  4. eating less reliance on factory meat.  Maybe folks eat more plants (OMG brussel sprouts!) , maybe backyard chickens get a boost

  5. more mindful use of resources like toilet paper.   I bet it’s not being wasted as much as before.

  6. comfort with reduced material standards of living, less spending for the sake of spending.  Living like our grandparents or great-grandparents did.

  7. increased discussion (hopefully reasoned) about the relationship of our federal and state govts to the people.

  8. increased awareness of the kinds of things that typically kill people when pandemics aren’t around