glutton for cardio

Dog and I turned back before reaching the summit the other day because the search was terminated.  It was a few days cooler today so we went back up.

Again from the halfway point, but this time looking at the BLM developed campground (SE):

We reached the top, tongues hanging out.  This is looking north:


West, where I suspect the lost kid was found:

Southwest.  The van is behind the low hill in center-left.

The trail was quite loose in places.  I lose my balance on the way down a couple times and I windmilled my left arm for balance (didn’t fall).  The rotator cuff injury was mild on that side before, but I just torqued it pretty good.  I did some range-of-motion excerises to see if I can minimize soreness. We’ll see.  Hurt like a booger at the time but faded in the next half-hour.