Found On Road Dead

Muffin and I walked down into the canyon today for a dose of cardio:

On the way down we saw what appears to be a Ford Ranger in the canyon.  It apparently come off the cliff above (extensive rollover damage).  SInce the visible tire had good tread and the bed liner was nearby it I guess it was an accident:

We went over to it and I snooped around.  The cabin was so crushed and filled with stream debris nothing interesting could be seen.

A presently-dry waterfall at the halfway point of our walk.

It dropped ~15’ twice down to this:

We walked down to where the pic at the top of this post was taken and turned back.   There is some active water with audible white noise down there:

This is a view of Hurricane Mesa on the walk back to camp:

That’s also a backside view of the waterfall.