the limbo bar is set at $12,400/yr

For 2020 the US federal income tax standard deduction is $12,400.   Folks who are earning (or withdrawing from retirement) $1000/mo or less in 2020 have effectively opted out of the federal income taxation[-is-theft] matrix.

The flipside of that position is to minimize any burden I might put on the federal govt.  I do use public lands and do my best to “leave them better than I found them” as the Boy Scouts say.

[few hours break, and a hike]

Speaking (broadly) of this, doggo and I went for a nice hike this afternoon.    These features are huge although it’s hard to tell on camera:

Def not Grand Canyon huge, but one sees the family resemblance to that area (150mi away, IIRC).

On the way out there we passed a BLM sign that said ‘NO CAMPING DOWN THIS ROAD”.  The part that said “EXCEPT FOR AIRSTREAMS” must have faded away:

The dirt road is strewn with small boulders.  “I hope that guy doesn’t break an axle or shred a tire on the way out”, he said with a straight face.