[edited] article: staggering hypocrisy of sit/lie laws

Update:  I misunderstood the scope of the LV ordinance.  It appears to be limited to public rights of way and not all public property like parks, benches, under bridges, etc.  If this (pdf) is the accepted text it is associated with posted cleaning hours, which is even less egregious.

There are two positions here that seem opposed but are not IMO:

  1.  in general people should be left alone

  2. people should not block public rights of way like sidewalks

Having said that, I bet a cafe could put a table on the sidewalk where people could sip coffee for hours without getting arrested.   A table and chairs seems to block the right of way as much or more as a person sitting on the sidewalk there.

I will leave my original rant in place as punishment to myself.

from Following tense meeting, Las Vegas council approves homeless ordinance:

Proposed by Mayor Carolyn Goodman, the measure will make it a misdemeanor to rest, sleep, lie down, use a blanket, camp or “lodge” in public rights of way adjacent to residential properties, in 12 downtown-area districts, or within 500 feet of a food processing facility. **The goal of the ordinance is to connect the thousands of homeless people who reside in Las Vegas to services in order to get them off the streets**, according to the city. [**emphasis** added]

That is such utter BS.

There’s a special spot in hell reserved for you, Mayor Goodman.  I’m hoping it looks like a park bench you can’t ever lie down on no matter how tired you get.

Reminder:  I track vehicle-dwelling bans in this RVwiki article.