backchannel: responses to Is the RTR dead?

> Opinions are great,

My take is that in the larger community worshipful opinions on Bob/CRVL are accepted without question, lots of nodding heads. Criticism gets the hackles up, emotionally speaking. “Abandoned”: Bob’s attention was focused squarely on the forum before the ascendance of YT: he posted near-daily. Then he stopped posting for months (five months, at least, when I disabled my account). He left the forum broken for months while he focused on YT. I can’t give you exact date ranges since folks who aren’t logged in can’t see posting histories. You can check for yourself to see if he’s returned to his pre-YT level of involvement:

“Forbade”: “Fellas, you are totally welcome to have any gathering you want. BUT… RTR is a Registered Trademark that I own and I am NOT going to give you permission to use it.” [EMPHASIS in the original] Bob is emotionally driven by his concerns for women in (real or perceived) need. It’s literally part of his “origin story”. And that’s cool, do what ya want with one’s own platform.. As for me I prefer to treat people equally, and will call out people who do otherwise.

“Cult”: “[an org with] followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.” - wordnik A little on the nose, if you ask me.

> Strong words with heavy emotional charges.

Maybe. I’ll point out that phrases like “the usual naysayers”, “especially inspired every year by women who face their fears”, “throwing the BS”, or “How anyone can believe that is beyond me.” aren’t precisely emotionally neutral.

> I’ll ask for specific examples, screenshots

See above

> direct experience.

I’ve attended precisely as many RTR as the author has, and we both live in vehicles. My posting history on CRVL forums is visible under user “fratermus”. It may not be as long as your posting history there; perhaps you could share your forum username.

My praise and criticism of CRVL is available on my blog: This post is representative of my position that “feelz > realz” does a disservice to new ‘dwellers:

My praise and criticism of CRVL youtube posts is available under “frater mus”.

I have repeatedly encouraged new folk to attend at least one RTR, and I still do. I make the recommendation because exposure to experienced dwellers with functional builds is incredibly valuable.

> "they just don’t get it."

There can be a lot of daylight between “disagreeing” and “not getting it”. This is a fundament of good faith discussion.