duh…. was: ugly non-BLM land outside Tucson

I ass-u-med

Feel free to mock my lack of attention and grouchiness below.  I was wrong, and the correction is at the bottom. 

my original rant

MIght not look so shabby at first glance,   but the area is trashed out.   There is a Dodge pickup front clip in the shadow of the shrub center right, and a (abandoned?) Sheetrock and other crap in the immediate area.  RV with tarps over it in the background center left.

Note:  I am not opposed to the tarped RV for aesthetic or class reasons;  I interpret the tarps to mean the RV has been here longer than the 14 day allowance.    To go further down the rabbithole, I am not opposed to lawlessness per se

[I stopped at this point as things started to fall into place and I pulled out the US Public Lands app]

what went wrong

I was sniffing around a small chunk of BLM land outside Tucson.  There were plenty of folks camping so I tried to find some solitude.  North of the roadway was at least one more BLM marker so I explored in there.  Turns out I went beyond the BLM land and was apparently on some trashed private land. Here’s a screenshot from the app – I am the blue dot and the BLM land is the peach overlay.


In this pic I’d be in the unpopulated rectangle of land in the background.  To be fair, a strip across the roadway was still BLM:

I loaded up the doggo and headed into the safe zone:

Where things were much better.  Lots of ancient broken glass, but nothing like the trash on the non-BLM area.

Muffin and I walked up the hill to get our hearts pumping;  our van is in the foreground.  We’re looking at the east side of the hill.

The west side was much more social:

So don’t be me.  Check the BLM limits before setting up camp.