Zacate creek, good weather, and the Battle of Laredo

Today dog and I spent a lot of time on the Zacate Creek linear park (ie, park runs along a creekway).

> > ## Battle of Laredo > > During the [American Civil War](, Laredo was a main route to export cotton to [Mexico]( on behalf of the [Confederate States]( On March 18, 1864, Major [Alfred Holt]( led a [Union Army]( detachment of about 200 men from [Brownsville, Texas](,_Texas) to destroy 5,000 bales of cotton stacked at the [San Agustín Plaza]( [Colonel Santos Benavides]( commanded 42 men and repelled three Union attacks at Zacate Creek in what is known as the [Battle of Laredo]([[3]]([[4]]( -- wikipedia

The concreted creek channel is visible on the right side:

The park is maybe 100yds wide, joined down the middle by the creek.


Laredo is down there on the western border of Texas about where the 60F line cuts across right now:

It was 72F and about 50% RH today.  Wore shorts all day though it’s starting to cool off now.