“does it feel any different?”

I retired on Jan 1st, about a week ago.  The most common question so far is “does it feel any different?”  In my case it really doesn’t.

I have already been living my intended lifestyle in between work periods when possible – differences are quantitative (number of days off) rather than qualitative (what I do on my “days off”).

There are differences, of course.

  • I go to sleep when I am tired and wake up when I want.  I deleted the alarms from my phone :-)

  • my agenda is a good deal emptier.

  •  I drive slower and take shorter and more scenic routes - the van gets over 20MPG on slower roadways.

  • Muffin and I spend a lot of time walking

I’ve got a bit more family visiting to do before heading for warmer areas.   This month will be an anomaly regarding driving.  I have/had about 1500 of miles to cover for visits before I head out to snowbird.