2020 RTR

The event will be held at the La Paz County Fairground, which is half way between Parker, Arizona, and Quartzsite, Arizona. It’s very near the intersection where Highway 95, heading straight north from Quartzsite, meets Highway 72 at a traffic light. To get to the Fairground, you go north through the light onto Center Ave (straight through if coming from Quartzsite, turn left if coming from Parker, turn right if coming from Bouse). The dates are January 18-27 for the RTR and January 14-17 for the WRTR.

From the description on this video.

I do not plan to attend any more.  The RTR was useful while it was an informal thing on the CRVL forum.  People had to be interested and involved to know about it.  Then Bob started talking about it on youtube and it exploded into the crowded, clueless, hand-holding, control-freaked monstrosity it is now.  Then he abandoned the forum.

I’ll remind onlookers once again that Bob supports a WRTR while saying he will “never” give male ‘dwellers permission to do a MRTR.  The privilege is practically dripping off me at this point.