backchannel: generator holy wars

grouchy response to this comment.

> Sometimes I feel that [running a generator]  upsets people a little too much.

Sometimes I feel that generator folk feel entitled to make racket wherever and whenever they want. No different from partiers or music-blasters.

> before solar, everyone ran their generators

People have been camping in nature for 1000s of years without generators.

> I feel shunned in the community

I do not stay near people making racket regardless of the source. My intent is to get away from the noise, not to shun anyone.

> or like I'm a bad person for needing my A/C.

People who need A/C are not bad people.

People who falsely present their preferences as needs in order to justify transgressive behavior are bad people.  Fake service animal shenanigans, etc.

I trust you are in the group that actually needs A/C.

> since I need it a lot

People who have health-related needs for A/C would do well to use campsites with hookups and/or get their snowbirding skills up to speed. What will they do if the genny breaks down when they require A/C?

I have met many veterans boondocking who do it to get away from noise and other triggering stimuli for PTSD or other reasons. That’s precisely why I camp away from others.

Success story: At the 2018 RTR a fellow (sasnak on YT) was camping in a semi and walked around to his neighbors to ask if they minded him running his engine for a couple hours to bulk charge his batteries. He had bought solar but couldn’t install it until the next day. Everyone, including me, gave our blessing. I thanked him for asking. I visited other areas of the camp for a couple hours.