CTEK + Battle Born?

from a reddit post:

[Battle Born] are the defacto standard for drop-in LFP. And they have a tremendous warranty. The value of the CTEK D250SA is that it can DC-DC boost alternator voltage to **lead acid absorption voltages** (Vabs), which are usually higher than one needs to charge LiFePO4. Internally the lithium pack is fully charged around 13.8V. BB recommends pushing at 14.4v, probably because it would speed up charging a bit. The BMS will keep the pack from going over their actual full charge point. Note that speeding up charging (ie, increasing current) is not necessarily what your alternator wants. Lithium already slurps up current at fierce rates. BB recommends a "float" of <=13.6v. Lots of folks use 13.2v-13.4v Vfloat to keep the bank from resting at full. I have not seen the details of the CTEK's gel and other profiles. It is possible that one of the profiles will fit well with BB's suggestions. If it does, you'd still be maxxed at 20A unless you want to add a $$$ smartpass. You may observe that 13.4- 13.8v is a pretty normal range for alternator output, and the alt is unlikely to go over the 14.4v BB recommends for charging. If I were charging a BB with alt-only (no solar) I'd be tempted to use a plain solenoid to charge at alternator voltage. No $$$ DC-DC charging needed. Note that the BMS can reject charging suddenly, and when the solenoid kicks in it will start charging suddenly. I have heard of folks wiring in a small AGM battery (garden tractor, motorcycle size) to act as a buffer to protect the alternator. It might even be ok for it to be a dying battery, dunno. Both the CTEK and the BB are spendy gear. Do read other opinions and do more homework before investing. As far as you know I could be a lunatic in an asylum who has sneaked in a smartphone. :-)