Well, at least we’re talking about the hypocrisy

A federal judge in Houston has [ruled](https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5747780-190224-SELECTIVE-SERVICE-DECISION-Full.html) that a military draft that includes only men is unconstitutional now that women are allowed to serve in combat. "While historical restrictions on women in the military _may have_ justified past discrimination, men and women are now 'similarly situated for purposes of a draft or registration for a draft,'" wrote U.S. District Judge Gray Miller (_emphasis_ added)

No, it didn’t justify past discrimination.   I do appreciate the “may have justified” instead of “did justify”.

Nobody has been conscripted into U.S. military service in more than 40 years, but if American men don't register for selective service when they turn 18, the consequences can include fines, imprisonment, and denied student loans and other services...

Woo, look at all that privilege.

There were some negative reactions to the ruling — _Federalist_ publisher Ben Domenech, for example, [warned](https://twitter.com/bdomenech/status/1099569472418054144) that "they are going to draft your daughters for their forever wars"

Drafting your sons for our forever wars is cool though, right? #disposable

I’ll point out that support for foreign adventures is easy when you’re in no danger of being drafted.

Quotes are from this article.

The correct way to stay out of wars is for leaders to read the Constitution and the opinions of the framers of the Constitution.  But that isn’t going to happen, even if they did swear to uphold and defend.

A practical solution to staying out of wars, then, is this:  for any war, the kids and grandkids of SCOTUS Judges, Congressfolk, and the President mandatorily go first.  Then volunteers, volunteers, then draftees (from both/all genders).   Saber-rattling and creating wars on pretense looks a little different once Ivy League kids are the first to get slaughtered.