CRVL: Thank U, next

I received another thoughtful reply from rvwandering, the only clueful mod at Cheap RV Living forum.  I understand his stated reasons (not presented here as it was in a private message).  Those reasons are not necessarily his own but are a function of Bob’s “hugs and unicorns uber alles” attitude.  It neuters the ability of forum members to correct misinformation/disinformation when they see it.

I’d already decided to throw in the towel on CRVL but since he is a reasonable, caring person I wanted him to understand why I’m walking away from it.

I put in *hours* of careful writing into [that thread]( before the deletions because I knew it was important to rebut intentional misinformation/FUD. IDGAF what people like [redacted] buy or think as long as they aren't poisoning the well for onlookers. At any rate I have given up on CRVL. New folks are being misinformed at their impressionable stage by loudmouths and bullshitters. If folks are not allowed to push back on the bullshit (ie, "back and forth arguing") then I won't stick around to watch the newbs [get damaged]. I've removed the CRVL sticker from my van and have attended [my last RTR](  I will continue to write on the RVwiki, reddit, and my blog, all places where I can revise/correct after 15mins, and not have my efforts sent to a black holes. Please continue making a difference on the forums; you are are good mod and a good influence. Unfortunately I worry you are stuck in a situation where Bob's "feelz > realz" worldview will limit your ability to do much good, and will lead to [burnout].

I might do some backchannel explication posts related to CRVL content, but I won’t cast any more pearls there.