fragment: CRVL, patreon, and social justice

[draft fragment from June!]

Well, there it is:  the YT announcement of the CRVL patreon account.    Unfortunately, the concerns I expressed in my prior post about such things were valid.

My larger concern is the tone of this extract from the description:

In some way that I can't even begin to understand, I've been given the opportunity and responsibility to be a part of helping the disenfranchised at a moment of crisis in American history.

That’s a little… overwrought.

possible fallout

Coming down explicitly on the Social Justice side may exacerbate some tensions that hide under the surface* – consider the mods’ stated willingness to kill threads about homelessness.   It could cause a schism or hard split[s] in the community:

  • SJWs, the emotionally-driven,  and the helpless (actual or learned) stay on the forum in an increasingly co-dependant tailspin.  Bob continues to be MIA in the forum.

  • preppers**, survivalists and MAGA folks head to those forums (like the survival podcast forum) and make vandwelling subforums there.  I think that’d be productive, actually.  Little spinoffs.

  • Non-political and low-drama DIYers go backchannel and pick who they help based on whatever criteria they choose.  Possibilities:

*because of the ban on political posts, which I fully support.

**I am a prepper but not MAGA