Backchannel: abbreviations are not gibberish

from this thread:

this thread is loaded with abbreviations. try to remember there are many newbies here and they don't learn from gibberish which abbreviations are. is it that hard? are we that lazy?
  1. Abbreviations aren’t gibberish.

  2. Is pressing the key that hard, once at the beginning of every sentence?  Are you that lazy?

Here was the reply I wrote then moved here:

John, please use purple text, rainbow emojis, and lots of hugz and feelz. This is far more important that mere correct information and similar wastes of time. People come here to feel better, not to learn how to live cheaply in a van or other vehicle. That's why the forum is called GoodHappyHugsTown!!!!!!.com You are a disappointment to us all etc, etc.

John treats people as if they are competent adults with full agency, and they are the better for it.