Promaster low roof awesome for vandwellers

The Promaster high roof fares well compared to the competition.  It was my choice but I do see the charms in the the Transit high roof and (to a lesser extent) the NV high roof.

But the Promaster low roof is a slam dunk for vandwellers who are buying a new low roof van.  Here’s a comment I made on a YT video, answering another comment about interior space:

The PM low top is relatively roomy due to the low floor (FWD so no driveshaft underneath to get in the way). Interior height is 65.4" at the ribs. That's about 10" more room than other low-roof cargo vans. The interior height makes for a lot of storage space, as does the PM's width; about 4" wider than most cargo vans. The PM has 23% - 30% more cargo space than other low roof regular wheelbase cargo vans. 304cu ft - RAM Promaster 247cu ft - Ford Transit 240cu ft - Chevy Express/ GMC Savannah 238cu ft - Ford E-series 234cu ft - Nissan NV2500 So for folks buying a new (or nearly new) low roof for vandwelling: would you like 23% more space for less money? To be fair, the PM MSRP is about 10% more than the NV. So in that case, would you like 30% more space for 10% more money? > >