backchannel: what do you want?


We are NEVER here to blame someone who has asked us for help that they just need to try harder and do their own research.


sorry guys, i don't understand. on a video of bobs with Randy. sorry if i should not use a name, i don't see a video number for the interview. randy has a plain coffee pot, toaster. he has the new wave pickpro induction cooktop and whynter 12v fridge. he demonstrated a small washer. talked about 200-300 watts of panels with a pure sine inverter 1200 to run this stuff. perhaps ac is out of the question and a rv dehumidifier will work. i am really not getting any of this. i thought i did but no. can we start over....... i don't know what to ask. this is what i have 2004 gulf stream ameri lite 17BW and a 03 3/4 ton truck. there is a converter in the trailer with this information on it panel input; 120vac 60hz 30amp converter input;105-130vac,780 watts output; 13.6 vdc, 45 amp [inc charging and load] there is a battery on the hitch 24dc 130/150 min @ 23 amps. i don,t intend to use the fridge or microwave i have money put aside for solar i have to put some panels on the truck cuz trailer is small unless 2 400watt panels will work with a boat load of batteries. i feel really bad here. this should be rather easy


/stares at Bob, eyebrows raised

Remember when I said sometimes people do need to try harder and do their own research?  This is the kind of thing I was talking about.

We on the forum can do things awesome things cheaply because:

  1. we know what we want

  2. we can learn from others how to make it happen

Folks who do not know what they want are doomed to failure.  And they will frustrate the helpers along the way.  Lose-lose situation.  A time suck.  As Bob says, you can make more money but you can’t make more time.