110vac installed

I’ve had the shore power port for a while but have only been feeding a power strip with it.   The residential wiring has also been pulled through the ceiling since then.  The GFCI outlet, breaker box and breaker have been sitting on my desk.

Today I stopped in the middle of writing yet another post where I was saying the subpanel wasn’t done yet.  Couldn’t type that again, so I went outside and got it put together based on a schematic done by DannyB1954.

I made entry point strain relievers out of rubber hose and ziptied it into place.  There are PVC thingies for that purpose but I didn’t have any of those.


I flipped the breaker on and nothing happened.  I didn’t die, and nothing exploded or even caught on fire.  This was something of a surprise to me.  okayyyyyyy, so the next step.

I plugged in one of those circuit tester thingies into the power strip that’s directly wired into the box;  two righthand lights lit == good.  I plugged in my dirt devil into the strip and turned it on.  NOTHING, dammit!  Oh, it’s not plugged in.  Plugged it in and it worked.  Again, no death or fireworks.

The wiring run to the passenger side and the GFCI outlet installation had me a bit nervous.  I plugged in the tester and it showed the correct lights.  Again, a bit weird for a screwup like me.   I plugged in a droplight and turned it on.  Success:


That’s it for today.  I’ve got to get to bed;  alarm clock goes off at 2am.