bread experiment #3

I am very happy with the existing bread, but did want to see if I could get it to rise more.

For #3 I left yeast at 1g and let it bloom in 100def F water for 10mins. increased water by 10g to get a slightly wetter dough. I cooked on LO for 4 hours instead of HI for 2 hours.

The resulting loaf is about the same as the first 2, perhaps slightly shorter due to a concave top surface:

Crust is definitely heartier on the 2hr/150w version. I’ll return to that standard for the next round.

I suspect:

  • the low ambient temps overnight are retarding yeast activity
  • wheat flour might behave differently than white

Switching to white will be easier than warming the yeast overnight, though I have been eyeing that 20w heating pad…