preparing to move / bonus pics

Time isn’t up until the 20th, but as I’ve mentioned before I’d rather be in place away from people when the Inauguration occurs (“a Republic, if you can keep it” – Benjamin Franklin). I got everything ready to start the move tomorrow morning.

I’ll do laundry, get another $9 shower, and pick up some torx tools I need in Q. Haven’t decided where I’ll go yet. Thinking

  1. Kofa or even Yuma until early Feb
  2. then back to LVC until late Feb to pick up some Amazon packages, stopping in Q for water on the way up 95
  3. a few days elsewhere to round out the 28 day cooling-down period for Q.


One of the chores was to pick up the small tent I use to store stuff or hold my place during a run into town. Pulling the tent stakes can be tough and I’ve often thought about attaching a loop of paracord to the mallet handle to make pulling easier. It worked great.

While I was at it I drilled a hole in my walking/multipurpose stick for a lanyard.

The lanyard will make it possible to drag the stick if I am on treacherous uphills using both hands to hold on. While a walking stick is a great help, it can be a dangerous hindrance if you can’t carry it hands-free when you need both hands.

Ranger Muffin

Muffin compares the position of the NO CAMPING PAST THIS POINT pylon and the two campers in the distance. She does not approve.

Somewhere I have pics of a Class A towing a huge cargo trailer and a toad (“towed vehicle”) in Craggy Wash sitting in an area marked NO VEHICLES BEYOND THIS POINT - RECLAMATION IN EFFECT.

Update: found it on dashcam footage: