mushrooms after rain

Muffin and I walk in the woods a great deal and have observed a bounty of mushrooms. She likes to eat everything so I keep her at a distance from them when I seem them.

Today I harvested three examples without touching them and brought them back for a first attempt at identification.

I didn’t [spore print] them since I didn’t want to have them out where Muffin could eat them.



I think the big ones in the first pic are porcini - bolete, rubriceps?:

  • look like hamburger buns
  • common in CO in Jul/Aug
  • stays white when cut
  • tubes/pores under the cap rather than gills
  • yellow pore surface, doesn’t stain

If so, it might be edible by someone who knew what they were doing (this rules me out).



I think the small orange one is a pale version of the fly agaric which is apparently common in CO.

  • orange-red with white spots
  • unattached cream gills
  • but I did not see any skirt or any volva (cuplike structure at base)

One site says they are often found near the porcini. If fly agaric, it would be poisonous and possibly hallucenigenic (non-psylocibin type).

small porcini?

bagged up

It’s hard to see through the bag, but in the upper left is a mushroom that was growing alone. It looks like a small porcini from the top but the underside of the pores were ochre. The pores when cut were white and it otherwise looks like a porcini.

The Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America says orange exposed pores excludes porcini, but I’m thinking this a mustardy yellow rather than orange.

poison primer

The book listed says 90% of poisonings in N. America are from amarita, and offers the following distinguishing features:

  1. gills unattached (or barely-attached)
  2. gills are generally white, sometimes with yellow edges
  3. white spore prints
  4. grow on the ground
  5. “initially closed in a universal veil”. More reading required…

I find the deadly ones often quite beautiful and delicate, like the Destroying Angel, Deadly Skullcap, Pholiotina rugosa, and the Death Cap.

to do

Pay more attention. Learn to ID. Learn to spore print. Maybe hook up with ‘hunting group?


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