Found the water @ Trillium

The Trillium Bike Trail led off the south end of this general area, and had signs saying the Trillium campground was 1.5 miles away.  I made a couple assumptions:

  1.  the distance referred to distance by the nearby road (it did)

  2. that the Trillium campground was the place where the water and dumpster was supposed to be (it was)

The walk was quite nice through the forest:

Way more hikers than bicyclists.  Muffin made some dog friends along the way.

There was indeed a Trillium lake visible just before we hit access to the campsites.  Muffin waded in for a drink:

We found a formal path (not cut-through) between the shore and campsites and popped up there.  The water, dumpster, and bonus vault toilet are here.    I’ll hit them on the way out.  It’s a one-way  road and the water access is on the “wrong” side for my van (correct side for most RVs) but I had upgraded to a 50’ potable hose earlier in the year.   No problem.

My campsite is in this general area.

When I got back a travel trail had set up about 50’ in front of me, slides out.  As long as they don’t run a generator, play loud music, or have screaming feral children  I don’t care.   Still  parked further away than folks in paid campsites.