backchannel: lead battery voltage while charging

from this post discussing resistance of Li vs. Pb batteries.  We know Li has lower internal resistance than Pb;  there is no need to exaggerate the effect.

> A totally dead[lead] battery will instantly read 14.4 volts when charging

It will not.

At C/2.5 charging (max for quality AGM) from 50% DoD it takes about 20mins to reach Vabs==14.4v, at which point  ~13.5Ah will have been replaced. (source)

At C/5 charging (max for FLA, min for AGM) it takes about 76mins to reach Vabs=14.4v, at which point 26.7Ah will have been replaced.

So it is not instant and the battery is not “completely dead” when Vabs is reached.