a step closer to booting Chase Bank

I’ve been edging away from Chase and toward Ally over the last year for many reasons.  The main one is that they have a non-negotiable $12/mo checking fee if you don’t have $500 of direct deposit every month (interbank transfers don’t count, apparently).

The things that were holding me back:

  1. my last paycheck funds (from Dec 2019!) were late coming and should have been DD so I kept it open.  They weren’t DD and I had to finagle a paper check which took literal months….

  2. By then Covid-19 was in effect and the stimulus funds were DD to the last known tax refund account, which in my case was Chase.  I don’t see another round of that coming (and it looks like you can change it), so that’s no longer an issue.

  3. My main credit card, the Amazon Prime card, is issued by Chase and I’ve been paying it off monthly from my Chase checking.  BUT!  I set it up to pay from Ally the other day and it worked just fine.  No longer an issue.

  4. the only bill still paid out of the Chase checking is my Planet Fitness membership, which is ~$23/mo.  Everything else goes on the CC.

Now PF was great as a stealth camper in cities but lately I’m in cities less and less.  If I do two honest-to-doG hot showers a month at PF they end up costing $11.50 each.  Worth it?    Maybe.  I don’t know.  I’m frugal but man those feel good.  Endless hot water is an amazing luxury.   Worth doing the work to transfer the membership over to Ally?  Because if I don’t, keeping that account open means my showers are actually $17.50 each (($23 PF +$12 Chase)/2) and that is a no-go.

I’ll make a decision on this by the end of August.   Ughhh.