decanting propane

My stash of 1lb propane bottles was getting low, so I refilled them off the tank with the little adapter thingy.   It finally started to run out and it made me wonder when I exchanged the tank last.

Turns out it was in Tucson in early February.  So this tank lasted about 3.5 months.    I chalk this up to my experiments with contact heating, and my desire to not run propane for heat.

Speaking of which, it got below freezing again last night.  I wore the electric vest, although I am worried I might damage it that way.  Started off on low (5w average).  Before I drifted off to sleep I put it up to medium (avg 7.5w).  About 4am I woke up chilly and cranked it to high (a raging 10w!).   I was a little chilly when the sun came up but not chilly enough to get out the sleeping bag or anything.  I’ve been sleeping under a thin fleece throw and a Mexican serape.

The sky was crystal clear today, though, redeeming the iffy solar conditions of the past few.