10 quarantine question challenge

Saw this on a Frugal RV Gal yt post.    I met her (And CW) at an RTR when she parked nearby.  Nice person.

1. How many rolls of TP do you have at this moment?

3.5 rolls.  I don’t use a lot of TP so I’m probably good through midyear.

2. What has been the biggest change since the lockdown?

My boondocking life is changed very little.  I masked up last time I went into town for provisions.    One water kiosk was closed, though I don’t know if this was Q-related.

3. Where are you currently parked/docked?

East of Zion NP on BLM land.

4. What have you gone without recently?

Nothing I can think of.  I almost ran out of bulk green tea but my Amazon package came through.

5. What are you most grateful for?

Public land, and the ability to live frugally on them.

6. What do you miss the most?

Having a craft beer at a bar, a dinner out.

7. How long has it been since you've been at a campsite?

I don’t know what this means.  A paid campsite?  I did that once in 2018 at Hueco Tanks state pack because I wanted to be onsite the next morning for a hike.   $12/night, and I gritted my teeth at even that!

8. What's your favorite Quarantine food?

There is no difference between normal food and Q food for me.

9. How are you exercising/doing workouts?

Hiking daily with the wonderdog.

10. Who are you challenging next? Chose 5!

No one, because it’s stupid.