stubborn walkers

There were only 4 housetrained dogs in the Large kennels, so I figured I’d get to some of the non-housetrained animals.

Nope.  Each of the four was a difficult walk, taking much longer than normal.

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Lower left is a greyhound mix.  Body was 75% greyhound but had none of the GH temperment.

Lower right was Apollo, a beautiful pit.  He wanted to interact with people but was scared.   Note the lack of eye contact in both of his shots;  when sitting with a dog like that I look away to keep from spooking them.    He never got any closer than the door but he did eventually lay down in the blue bed.

The payoff for the hard afternoon was seeing this adorkable puppy:

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This one was hi-larious but not touchable due to a contagious illness:


The pup was super bouncy and long.  Terrier and miniature dachshund?