These are mung bean sprouts grown in a widemouth pint mason jar.  Sprouts are a neat way to get fresh green veggies in the diet in challenging conditions. There are a ton of things one can sprout, but I like mung, lentil, green pea, etc.

The plastic cap is a screened lid that allows the moisture to drain when inverted.  You don’t need a screen but it makes life easier.  There are little bumps on the lid to hold it slightly away from the surface it sits on.  I let mine sit in the sink so it can drain with no mess.

The beans start out like this.  I had maybe a 1/4 cup of them in the bottom of the jar to start with.  Ended up with a pint (duh..) of sprouts.

Here’s how it is done:

  1. soak the beans/peas/seeds for a few hours

  2. rinse and invert to drain

  3. repeat step #2 a couple times a day at least

  4. harvest when the tails are at least as long as the original item – usually takes a few days.  If you want extra greening, place in sunlight on the final day.

  5. cook - optional, but a good idea

In this case I sauteed them in some olive oil and black pepper and ate them with some soy sauce.