the dawgs of last weekend

This small dog was listed as part Rott but I think that’s not the case.  She’s too small, has a different head, etc.  Maybe part Manchester terrier, which would explain the markings:

She was nice and would slip rightinto family life.

This young male Doberman was reputed to be a spazz, but was quiet and affectionate when I went in.  He relaxed enough that he retired for a nap and I let him be at that point.

A nice GSD with different colored eyes;  I haven’t seen that before:

This small pit craved human attention but was a bit skittish about.  He’d rush in, flop over and luxuriate, only to be triggered by something in the environment and run away again:

He has a bit of “happy tail” on the tip, caused by wagging the tail too hard on solid objects.  Sometimes it’s broken skin, sometimes the bones break.  If they get broken too much the vet will usually take off a few inches to prevent recurrence.

Greyhounds are known for happy tail.  Thei tails are very long and delicate.  If they get too wild with them they break easily at the tip.   It also hurts to get whipped by one.